Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Australia

Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Australia

Australia is full of wonders. The country is the world’s small continent surrounded by a single country having unique landscapes (land of diversity), food, and some well-loved weirdness. The selfie with cuddly Marsupials like Koalas and Kangaroos is an extraordinary visitor experience. Here we have listed interesting facts about Australia that you need to know:

Most Australians Are Born Overseas

Every country represents the adding growth of the national population in 2020. However, England continued the largest group of overseas-born in Australia, and India allocated the second position by replacing China.

Right To Vote For Women

The federal election for women’s right to vote came in 1902 (Edith Cowan) at 21, which placed the second position after New Zealand. Meanwhile, the Women’s Franchise Act passed away on the third attempt in New South Wales. 

Almost All Australians live on the coast

There has been rapid population growth in coastal areas outside the capital cities. They stay because of better transportation routes, trade resources, and assist in physical exercises such as walking, swimming, and surfing. The highest proportion of its population is covered by Tasmania (85%) living within 50 kilometers of the coast. Living between the land and sea helps Australian people to achieve environmental and economic benefits.

Habitat for World’s Deadliest Animals

Australia is full of wonders. It is home to animals with the most venom and holds approximately 66 venomous species, ranking third after Brazil and Mexico. The marbled cone snail, box jellyfish, blue-ringed octopus, and stonefish are listed as the most venomous animals globally, and all of them are found in Australia. The giant reptiles, the most aggressive and territorial animals, Common Dead Adder and Coastal Taipan, are also found in Australia.

Queen Elizabeth II Once Fired Entire Australian Government Officials

In 1975, Queen shocked the nation by firing everyone in parliament on a quarrel over the budgetary result. Queen’s official representative in Australia, Governor-General Sir John Kerr, operated all the formalities on her behalf.

Home To Purest Water Found In the World

According to world quality IQ Air’s 2019, Tasmania, one of the regional cities of Australia, was the top-ranked purest water that provides pm 2.5 air quality. Tasmania’s tap water is safe and healthy for drinking water.

Most Animals in Australia Are Nowhere To Be Found

From the varieties of birds to the cuddly Marsupials, the most exciting animals found in Australia. There are many opportunities to spot amazing creatures and experience the wildlife. The kangaroos are easily spotted on the fields of New South Wales, but more challenging to find the Koalas.

Saudi Arabia Imports Camels From Australia

During the 19th century, Saudi Arabia didn’t have many camels compared to Australia. Saudi Arabia uses camels as a form of transport and, in the end, becomes a problem for farmers. Now, Australia chose the free-ranging camels to ship them to Saudi Arabia, which met a similar fate.

Melbourne has the most extensive public tram system worldwide

Since 1885, trams have been operating constantly in Melbourne and became the most significant expansion globally. The tramway network contains 250km of double track, almost 200 million trips completed yearly.

Have you ever heard about banana benders? They all belong to Queensland

Over 90 percent of Australia’s banana is produced in Queensland, and they enjoy spending time placing the bends into bananas. On July 15, 1937, when the Queen asked the man what his occupation was, he replied: “I’m a banana-bender.

Australia has over 60 separate wine regions

Australia’s oldest wine region is Hunter Valley, and the first wine plant was in Camden, NSW, in the 1820s. The varieties of 100 grapes are produced in other regions such as the east coast to the west, maritime to cool climate.

Brisbane hosts the world championship of cockroach racing

Cockroach racing is a club gambling activity in 1982, first organized at the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. On January 26, Australian Day, and given the title Australia Day Cockroach Races. The event began when two Australian pub patrons were arguing “over which suburb has the most significant and fastest roaches.”

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