Why do International Students Choose to Study in Australia?

Why do international students choose to study in Australia?

Australia provides international students with world-class Education, lavish lifestyles, and post-study opportunities. Six universities in Australia are ranked among the top 100 universities globally. The Australian universities offer various courses having an excellent support system for international students.

Best Destination for International students

More than 1,100 universities are available in Australia, having 22,000 courses. Australian university education is globally recognized worldwide and has a high chance to pursue a career after graduation through the help of the Australian qualification framework. The government highly recognizes Australia’s education system to maintain the growth of international students.

 International student’s rights

Australia provides complete protection and rights to international students all around the different cities. Based on Australian Education Services, the courses offered for overseas students are under government guidance, which protects Australia’s reputation for delivering a good education for international students. International students can access legal information and services such as tuition protection and overseas students’ ombudsman.

Easy communication

Australia has the world’s highest immigration rate compared to the other countries. The Australian immigrant people speak around 200 local speeches. International students can celebrate the local festivals and interact with people from different countries. The primary language Australian people speak over there is English, which helps international students to communicate easily with each other. Most Italians, Greeks, and Chinese languages are spoken in Australia, making the world diverse.

Incredible work opportunities

Australia provides you with the opportunity to stay longer in Australia after graduation if you enjoy your time there. Australia offers a Temporary Graduate Visa, which allows international students to continue their work. Students of Australia can work for 40 hours a week, which can help them fund their education and living costs. You will get a wide range of experience and world-class education in Australia.

Top universities and colleges

International students have a wide range of opportunities and choices when studying abroad, especially in Australia. Almost six Australian universities are ranked in the top 100 internationally renowned because of the quality and standard of education it offers to students globally. It is a home country of 43 universities which includes 40 Australian and other two international universities and one private university.

Easy availability for student visa

The processing of an Australian student visa is simple and easy compared to other countries. You should first get an offer letter from universities and colleges for an Australian student visa. If you can full all the requirements and criteria for a student visa in Australia, then it is pretty sure that you will have a chance to get a visa. The main task for a student visa is to show sufficient financial capacity for your study and meet all the living costs of Australia. Most important, you should have an appropriate health insurance cover for the entire duration you will stay in Australia.

Availability of Internship

Many Australian universities offer internships as well as work opportunities to their students. An internship opportunity provides you with more experience in the field you wish to work in after graduation. An internship helps to broaden your study and understanding level. If your university offers this option to its students, select the field of your interest that matches your Education.

Safety and Security

Australia is known as the safest country for all international students. The crime rate of Australia is very low compared to many other countries in the world though they have a high standard education system. The Australian government offers different services to overseas students, such as ESOS Act and Tuition fee protection service (TPS). If colleges or universities cannot complete their intended course in time, the government will help students refund the amount.

Suitable Climate

Australia is a large country in size, and the climate is a boon for them. It has numerous different climate zones. The Australian climate is suitable for all people worldwide compared to other countries. so many students wish to visit Australia for their further degrees.

Refreshment Activities

More than 80% of Australia’s plants, mammals, and reptiles are unique. So, after a hectic study schedule, the students can make an escape to get involved in refreshment activities like visiting the Opera House, which is famous for hosting a concert and choir performances. Students can visit Melbourne for the graffitied laneways and excellent coffee. The beaches, farms to taste strawberries, and hiking are students’ top favorite activities.

Insurance Coverage

Australia provides health insurance services for international students, covering all the medical and hospital care they need while living in Australia; this is called OSHC (Overseas student health care). OSHC also covers the ambulance and limited pharmaceuticals. The cost of OSHC depends upon the type of cover required. OSHC does not typically cover dental, optical, or physiotherapy either. According to September 2021, the minimum necessary AUSD is $ 478 for 12 months for a single body, $2600 for a couple, and $4,200 for family coverage.


Australia is culturally diverse and has unique wonderful cultures that unite everyone. Australian people have lavished, and healthy lifestyles can balance work and studies more conveniently. Australian people live like free spirits and have outdoors such as Opera House, Luna Park to enjoy their vacation times. You can travel to the rural areas to see mostly the kangaroos, Koalas. Australia provides the latest transport system, health service, and suitable telecommunication facilities.

These are some reasons why international students choose to study in Australia. Wise Crave Education and Visa Services will assist you with all the services related to a global study, such as counselling, academic support, documentation support, and different visa services.