A Quick Look At Permanent Residency Leading Courses In Australia

A Quick Look At Permanent Residency Leading Courses In Australia

Permanent residency is when an individual holds a permanent visa but is not a citizen of the country. PR holders can enjoy the rights and privileges as citizens. They can work, live, and study without any restrictions in Australia. Though individuals are PR holders, they don’t have the right to vote in federal or state elections, but they may have the right to vote in a local government election. 

Requirements for Permanent Residency 

Every individual should fulfill all the needs and requirements as per the instruction to hold PR in Australia. The requirements are:

  • The minimum point required for PR is 65.
  • An individual should meet the health requirements result of health examinations will be assessed by a Medical Officer of The Commonwealth (MOC).
  • Age: The candidate should have an age limit between (25 to 32) to get higher points in age. Candidates with ages 18-44 can apply for PR in Australia.
  • English Proficiency
  • Work experience inside and outside Australia.
  • Study in a regional area.
  • State sponsorship i.e. (190 Visa)
  • Professional skilled.

PR Leading Courses in Australia

1. Computer and Information Technology (IT)

As IT professionals are required globally, the same goes for Australia. IT is an important sector of the economy in Australia, which helps to boom the economy. So, IT graduates and professionals get more priority for PR because the country doesn’t want to lose the talented professionals who play the role of catalyst for booming the economy.

2. Social Work

Social work is a type of course which attract a number of students from worldwide. Social work is a PR leading course because as a bachelor’s graduate of social work, an individual can apply for PR as it includes in medium to long term strategic skills list (MLTSSL).

3. Nursing

Australia is the top destination globally for its highly effective and efficient healthcare. As the population of Australia is growing day by day, there is a higher requirement for skilled health personnel. So, if an individual has at least three years of working experience in nursing and positive skill assessment, then they can easily apply for PR. 

4. Hospitality

The tourism industry is growing at a high ratio in Australia and offers an amazing career opportunity to international students and allows them a chance to obtain PR. Students who are highly passionate about cooking, baking, and hotel management can take hospitality courses and turn their dream of being a PR holder in Australia into reality. 

5. Accounting

Accounting is the most demanding job in every country globally, and the same goes for Australia. It is the most rapidly growing occupation in Australia. As an accounting student, candidates can apply for a position like corporate treasure, external editor, taxation accountant, and many more. Candidates require three years of full-time and post-qualification work experience in their nominated occupation.

6. Medical

Studying medicine in Australia pays you exceptionally well because there is a higher demand for medical personnel in the health care industry. However, it is expensive to get a medical degree; an individual should remember that it is a one-time investment because once an individual completes a medical degree, they will be eligible for PR in Australia.

7. Engineering 

Engineering is the most demanding job in Australia. Australia demands several engineers in different sectors like agricultural, civil, software, mechanical, biomedical, structural, aeronautical, environmental engineering, etc. So once the candidate completes their engineering degree, the various opportunity will knock on their door, and they can earn handsome income annually, eventually leading to be eligible to apply for the PR.

8. Education and Teaching

 Australia is well renowned for its high standard and quality education system globally. Students studying education and teaching in Australia can make a huge difference by inspiring students’ minds. This course provides you with many opportunities in the educational sector, such as Primary and secondary teachers, vocational education teachers, special needs teachers, pre-primary teachers, university lecturers, and many more. Studying this course will support you in applying for (PR) Permanent Residency in Australia.

7. Building and Construction

Building and construction are the courses that may be the right choice to gain additional points for your Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia. This course will help students learn about work on a construction site and how to manage construction activities, safety standards, and many other construction-related activities. After completion, you may get jobs in different sectors such as carpenter, builder, wall and floor tiller, building inspector, construction estimator, rigger, construction project, and more.



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