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Director/ Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 2318226)

He completed a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice from UTS and is currently working as a Registered Migration Agent.

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Permanent Residency Visa

Permanent Residency Visa (Migration Agent Registration Number: 2318226) A Permanent Residency Visa allows immigrants worldwide to enter and settle permanently in the country and give them the full right to enjoy privileges without being its citizen. If you are already working, you can apply for a residence permit based on work.   All about Australia The […]

Post Study Work Visa (TR)

Post Study Work Visa A post-study work visa permits international students to stay in the country after completing their studies. If you intend to remain in the country after competing for study, you will need to secure new status to follow on from your student visa to stay lawfully.   All about Australia Australia’s post-study […]

Parent Visa

Parent Visa (tourist) Parent visa grants the parents of a child or children living overseas as residents (permanent/temporary) who now would like to move and be with their children. When you apply for a parent visa, you must be sponsored by your child, who must be a citizen or permanent resident of that country.   […]

Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa(Tourist) Visitor visa, called a tourist visa, is a nonimmigrant visa for persons who want to enter the country for business, tourism, or a combination of both. This visa is issued by those people who wish to enter the country with the purpose of visiting friends or relatives and experiencing the country and its […]

Partner Visa

Partner Visa (Dependent) A partner visa grants the partner or mates a lawful resident (permanent/temporary) the right to enter and reside in a country. In the case of Australia, the dependent of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen have the right to live in Australia. In most visa categories, you […]

Student Visa

To study in Australia, you need to obtain an Australian student visa. The subclass 500 (student visa) should be issued to study full-time at an educational institution. The student visa allows you to study for up to five years. With this visa, you can: Study an eligible course in Australia Travel in and out of […]