Top Ten Courses Leading to PR in Australia

Top Courses Leading to PR in Australia

The best way of getting PR is the main question for everyone planning to study and reside in Australia. Engaging in pathways like Skilled Migration, State Nomination, or Employer Nomination Program is a way to get PR. International students can study PR leading courses like nursing, IT, trade, business, and many others, leading to post-study work and PR.

As Australia is a safe, warm, welcoming, and supportive place to live and settle, many international students plan to settle permanently.

If you are an international student and want to study, live and work in Australia, you first need to apply for an Australian Student Visa. After completing the study, you can apply for the Australian post-study work visa (Subclass 485). Subclass 485 visa allows students to temporarily work and reside in Australia for two to four years.

Students who already have gained sufficient work experience can directly use the General Skilled Migration program to migrate to Australia. Submit an interest through Skillselect and directly apply for permanent residency. Before applying through the General Skilled Migration program, the applicant must carefully check the Skilled Occupation List. Make sure that whether or not the occupation is acceptable or not for immigration to Australia.

For your information, those international students who have completed a course associated with the listed occupation in the Australian Skilled Occupation List have a higher chance of getting Australian PR.

Let’s discuss the top ten courses that will help you earn a handsome salary and a pathway to PR.


One of the highest demanded occupations is engineering. Every year, Australia demands many engineers for various fields like Agricultural Engineering, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and others.

An engineer earns an average salary of around AUD 66,000. Students graduating with an engineering degree can easily work and reside in Australia.


Besides engineering, accounting is also one of the most high-in-demand jobs. It is a rapidly growing occupation in Australia. Pursuing accounting in Australia opens to multiple career options; it is among students’ most loved courses.

As a graduate student majoring in accounts, you can work as General Accountant, Management Accountant, Taxation accountant, Corporate Treasurer, External Editor, and others. For your information, the average wage of an accountant in Australia is AUD 75,000.


Nursing is one of the most favorable occupations. The country is known for being a top destination for nursing. As the population in Australia is increasing, there is also an increment of skilled medical employees. According to data published by Australia’s Future Health Workforce, around 123,000 nurses would be required by 2030. The most popular nursing professions listed in the Skilled Occupation are Nurse Practitioner, Surgical Nurse, Community Health Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, Child and Family Health Nurse, Medical Practice Nurse, Paediatrics Nurse, Critical Care, and Emergency Nurse, Aged Care Registered Nurse, Disability and Rehabilitation Nurse, Midwifery, and Developmental Disability Nurse.

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Social Work

Social work courses and career paths are designed to provide support and advice and help work with underprivileged people to uplift and significantly impact their lives. You can study different social work courses like Psychology, Health and Welfare Services, Psychiatry, etc. You can work as Community Worker, Family Support Worker, Social Worker, and Welfare Center Manager upon completion. The social worker earns an average salary of AUD 65,000.

Medical Profession

There is a huge demand for health professionals in the Australian healthcare industry. So, having a medical degree in Australia means you get exceptionally high pay. However, one should not forget that pursuing a medical degree in Australia is equally expensive.

Plan your budget! Remember, it is only a one-time investment. Upon completion of your studies, you will soon be eligible for PR. Also, you can work in medical fields like Physiotherapy, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Radiology, Oncology, Urology, General Medicine, Prosthetics, and others.

Computer and Information Technology (IT)

There is a high demand for computer science and IT professionals as the world digitalizes. IT professionals and software and application programmers are among the top fifteen occupations in Australia that are expected to grow higher Australia. Pursing IT, courses in Australia simply means you are being linked to growth and employment opportunities.

An IT professional’s starting salary is AUD 30,000 and raises hundreds of thousands based on experience.

Education and Teaching

Pursuing a career in education and teaching enables you to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia. It leads to many career opportunities like Primary and Secondary teachers, Vocational Education Teachers, Pre-Primary teachers, University lecturers, Special Needs teachers, and English teachers for non-native speakers. You can inspire students and make a difference.


If you are passionate about fixing vehicles, you should take automotive courses. Studying automotive links you with ample opportunities and allows you to gain points for permanent residency in Australia.

Some of Australia’s highest automotive demand jobs are motorcycle, automotive electrician, motor mechanic, and diesel mechanic. After completing your education, you can apply to any mentioned positions.

Trade Qualifications

Many people might not know that trade courses are also PR-leading courses. Many colleges and institutes in Australia offer trade courses leading to employment opportunities like carpenter, welder, electrician, etc.

You can either have a bachelor’s degree, diploma degree, or Certificate III/IV, and TRA (Trade Recognition of Australia) assessment for applying for trade jobs in Australia.


Studying Dentistry in Australia offers exciting career opportunities and makes a pathway to gaining an Australian permanent residency.

You can study for dental degrees like Bachelor of Oral Health (BOralH), Bachelor of Dental Science (BDSc), Postgraduate programs, etc. Upon graduation, you can choose dentistry careers like Dental Technician, Dental Hygienist, Dental Therapist, and Dental Prosthetics. You can also go for other jobs like General Practice, Teaching, and more. Starting a dentistry profession in Australia is a challenging profession but equally rewarding.