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SAT, which stands for Scholastic Assessment Test, is a standardized test for undergraduate college admission, especially in the United States, Canada, and European country. SAT consists of general SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test.

About SAT Exam
  • The SAT exam duration is 3 hours plus 50 minutes if you are planning to take the optional essay.
  • The highest SAT score is 1600, and the average SAT score is 1060.
  • The cost of the SAT exam is $46 and $60 if you take the SAT with Essay.
  • There are two sections; Math and Evidence-based reading and writing.
  • SAT score is valid for five years.
SAT Tips & Tricks:
  • During the reading part, always pay attention to connotation and context.
  • Read passages strategically; it will save your time and stress.
  • Always check the questions before reading the passage in full.
  • Always underline what you need in the questions so that you won’t get confused during the calculation process.
  • Always re-solve questions before looking at the answer explanations.
  • It is always best to memorize formulas.

How to Prepare for SAT

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing

This section has two more sub-section. The first sub-section is reading that is 65 minutes long. There are 52 questions to test your reading and vocabulary. The second sub-section is writing, which is 35 minutes long. There are 44 questions to check your grammar and usage


The time duration for this test is 80 minutes with 55 minutes calculator option section and 25 minutes non-calculator section. There are 58 different types of questions.

SAT Eligibility:
  • To attend the exam, you should have passed class 12th.
  • There is no age limit to register for the test.

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