What are the safety measures and tips for international students while studying in Australia?

By : Matrika Sah

No doubt, studying abroad and gaining a new experience in culture and education system is always exciting for many students. But, side by side, living in a new place also brings many challenges, mainly on the safety concern.

Australia is one of the leading destinations for international students, and here we have listed some tips that might help you. We hope these tips will help you to avoid dangerous situations.

Outdoor Safety

Australia is indeed a safe country, but one should always be concerned about safety. Here are some of the tips to be aware of the hazards:

  • Make sure to make a proper plan with a friend or group of people.
  • Only carry the amount of money that you need. Don’t carry a large amount of money.
  • If you are new, consult the international student support staff at your university or college or institute.
  • Never leave your belongings. Always stay attached to it.
  • If you want to explore outside, talk to a park ranger, surf lifesaver, staff member, or visitor information centre.

In case of emergencies

This is for everyone! If you face any kind of emergency while you live in Australia, immediately dial 000 (triple zero). The call is free, and this is the number to call ambulance, police, fire, or operator.

If you are not sure which one you need, you can just ask the operator, and they will assist you. Also, if you don’t know to speak English, you can ask your language to the operator, and they will link you to a translator.

Please just dial this number only in the case of a real emergency. If you want a minor enquiry, just visit or call your local police station.

Safety at your University

As a student, you will be spending most of your time at your university. So, you need to learn about the security and services provided to you by your university.

  • If you feel insecure and unsafe at your university, do not hesitate to contact or alert the security office through an app.
  • Check if your university is providing you out of office hours security escort services or bus shuttle services.
  • If you need to stay late at your university for your projects, make sure to inform your professors.


Road Safety

Remember, Australian drive on the road’s left-hand side. Like in every country, using mobile phones while driving is prohibited in all Australian states and territories. International students in Australia mostly use bicycle and e-scooter; so, make sure to know the bicycle lane. The helmet is compulsory.

Home Safety

Home is regarded as the safest place to live in, but you need to follow safety measures even at home as you are not living with your parents or guardians. Lock your doors and windows.

As online delivery is mainly practised in Australia, don’t just let them in. Also, don’t provide crucial information to them.

Transportation Safety

Public transportation is the most common and effective methods to travel in urban areas. There are many security measures put in place to improve public transportation safety. You can see security officers, guards, security cameras, good lightening, and support points.

Remember to check your transport timetables, especially at night, so that you won’t have to wait longer. Prefer train carriages closest to the driver as they are the safest one during the night.

By : Matrika Sah